Terms & condition


The tours mentioned in the “SV3- any time any destinations” Tour Brochure of SV3 tours Pvt Ltd are Free Independent Travel Options, Hereafter called as FIT. The role of SV3 tours Pvt Ltd in any FIT confined to various concerned bookings only. In FIT booking it becomes the responsibility of the respective tourist to organize and comply all the formalities of Train, Airline, Hotel, Cruise Check-in & Check-Out, etc. The day-to-day itinerary provided by SV3 tours Pvt Ltd will be confined to just a guideline. It will be a responsibility of individual passenger to adjust according to local time schedule of place of visit in coordination with the local guide, driver and local travel agent. It is therefore, imperative on all the tourists who are availing the “any time any destinations”/ FIT from SV3 tours Pvt Ltd, to abide by and strictly & observe all the terms & conditions laid down herein.

The products and service statements on the Website are for general description purposes only. Furthermore, Not all the products or services are available in every state or country. Send us a message via our Contact us, we will supply you with details regarding terms and conditions, exclusions, products and services applicable to you.

The Terms and Conditions of Web user Agreement, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer apply mutatis mutandis to all the products booked online by you. Hence you are requested to read all these carefully before making booking of products.


  1. Booking is only deemed valid when a duly filled, signed booking form & Non-refundable advance towards the cost is received by SV3 tours Pvt Ltd.
  2. The balance amount towards the cost is payable before 08 days of departure. Full Payment will be required to be made at the time of booking for any booking made within 08 days of departure.
  3. If any member wishes to cancel the booking, cancellation charges will apply on the following scale:
    1. 31days before departure date-Booking amount only.  
    2. 30 -15 days before departure date- 50% of the cost.
    3. 14-08 days before departure date – 75% of the cost.
    4. 07 days or less before departure date- 100% of the cost.
  4. SV3 tours Pvt Ltd reserve the right to alter the arrangements of the tour bookings, at any time before or after departure dates in case of unavoidable circumstances, SV3 tours Pvt Ltd will not be liable for any compensation and/or refund in such circumstances.
  5. Any changes in the itinerary of the tour due to any reason will be informed to the passengers. In this circumstances, if any passengers misses a tour in full or in part, due to delay on his/her part, will not be entitled for refund.
  6. SV3 tours Pvt Ltd does not operate any railways, airlines, hotels, coaches, cruises, taxis, buses or other facilities mentioned in the tour & therefore cannot be held liable for the negligence of the employers or staff of those organizations.           
  7. SV3 tours Pvt Ltd some times book services through Local travel agents & therefore cannot be held liable for the negligence by the employers or staff of those Local Travel Agents.
  8. The Passport, Visa and other travel documents will be according to the rules and regulations of the concern authorities & Embassies. The SV3 tours Pvt Ltd do not undertake any guarantee or responsibility of issuance & rejection of such documents. In case of     rejection due to non-submission of necessary documents, the cost and the service charges of such cases will be borne by the concerned passenger, Immigration procedures & Custom Authorities are governed by rules and regulations of respective countries, therefore SV3 tours Pvt Ltd cannot be held liable for delays or negligence or harassment by staff of those authorities.
  9. The responsibility of checking all the details on the travel documents like passport, air-tickets,      visas etc. such as name, date, validity and status lies with the concerned passenger. Reconfirmation of return air tickets is the passenger’s own responsibility.
  10. The boarding facilities wherever applicable, will be provided as per the preset menus and strict local schedules.
  11. The lodging facilities are provided on as is where is basis and as per the available standards & local specifications. These facilities are booked in advance, but there can be any kind of change in it due to whatsoever reason.
  12. Passengers are advised to keep their passport, foreign currency & other personal belongings safely and in case of loss or theft, the resulting problems & cost will have to be borne by the concerned passenger.
  13. The laws & practices and rules & regulations of the various countries to be visited in the tour, will be binding on the passengers. SV3 tours Pvt Ltd will not be liable responsible for the   situation arising due to non-compliance of the same
  14. All passengers should obtain a Medical Insurance covering their stay and travel & SV3 tours Pvt Ltd will not bear any responsibility towards any costs arising out of death, illness, accidents, etc. of passengers. SV3 tours Pvt Ltd will not undertake the personal & financial responsibility of the passenger in any case of whatsoever nature. Passengers will be          travelling at their own risk.
  15. Tour cost/prices are based on fares, exchange rates, tariffs and surcharges valid on the date mentioned in tour cost or date of booking. They are subject to change & should any of these factors change for the date of travel, passengers will have to pay for the same. All tours are operative subject to RBI, GOI & BTQ rules.
  16. Passengers are requested to restrict their baggage as per rules of respective carrier like airline, cruise, coach, etc. Any charges arising out of handling, porter & excess baggage shall be borne by the passengers.
  17. SV3 tours Pvt Ltd do not undertake any kind of responsibility of purchases made by the passengers during the tour.
  18. Passengers are required to read the tour itinerary, tour cost and its inclusions and exclusions very carefully. The tour costs for children below 12 years are without extra bed sharing parent’s room. All FIT transfers and sightseeing tours are on seat in coach basis.
  19. If the passenger is unable to consume/utilize the services in part or full, mentioned in the tour itinerary, no refund will be made against such cases.
  20. Signing of this document includes the responsibility of reading all the terms and conditions in totality.
  21. For all claims, disputes of what so-ever nature relating to the FIT tour must be notified to SV3 tours Pvt Ltd in writing within 28 days of the end of the tour. Such dispute/claim will be referred to the arbitrator appointed by SV3 tours Pvt Ltd and Pune shall alone have jurisdiction.

Miscellaneous Hotels:

The SV3 tours Pvt Ltd select hotels at locations, which give comfort and value for money. Hence depending on the day-to-day itinerary, the hotel confirmed either in the city or away from the city center. A double room has a single queen-sized bed or two separate beds. If the passenger requests for a room with a queen-sized bed or twin bed, the same would be provided subject to availability. The SV3 tours Pvt Ltd recommend that not more than 3 persons share a double room, as a triple room is normally of the same size as a double room. In case of a triple room, the third bed is a rollaway bed or cot.

A child travelling for whom ‘without-a-bed’ charge has been paid would not be entitled to a separate bed in the hotel. Incase ‘with-bed’ charge has been paid for the child and the passenger decides not to avail such facility whilst on tour, he would not be entitled to any refund. In case the passenger decides to seek extra bed for the child booked on ‘Without-bed’ basis on the tour subject to availability, then he shall be bound to pay additional amount charged by the concerned hotel directly.

In case of a request in writing at the time of booking by the passenger for preference of rooms, the Company would make every effort for the same. However, as the hotel management does room allocation there is no guarantee in this regard.



Buffet meals on tour are served within the hotel of stay or in local restaurants/dhaba as mentioned in the itinerary. The Company, however, reserves the right to change the meal arrangement, if circumstances make it necessary to do so. The company cannot guarantee a special meal/diet for the client. If the Client misses or refrains from availing any meal arranged by the company due to his reasons, there would be no refund. Where client makes a request in writing at the time of booking for a special meal/diet, company would make an effort for the same. However, the company shall not be held liable if the same is not provided.